Tart Twin Pack

This set includes two 4 oz. tarts in your choice of fragrance.  Each cube will throw off fragrance for a mnimum of two weeks.  That means each clamshell will last 12 weeks!

Tarts are wonderful for people who don't want a burning flame or simply don't have the time it takes to burn a soy candle all the way across. These are perfect for plug-in warmers, as well as larger warmers. You can even combine fragrances to make your own special blend! These tarts will pop right out of the clamshell.

Do you like to "move on" to another fragrance often like I do, then these 4 oz. clamshell tarts are perfect for you! I've seen people who say they put their warmer bowls in their freezer because that's the only way to remove the wax from their warmer....not so with 100% natural  soy tarts! Our soy tarts are easy to remove from your warmer...if you have a large warmer, simply pour the liquid out of the bowl and put it back into the clamshell. If you have a plug-in warmer, just let the liquid harden and remove it with a plastic spoon...simple! You can put the wax away and use it again later.

I often see "our candles are triple scented" on other websites. Well, I find that hard to believe and honestly think it's an advertising ploy .. I always use the most fragrance the soy wax will hold so that our candles can be enjoyed as long as possible. The amount of time you will be able to enjoy our products depends on how often you use them.

Price: $12.99

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