Soy Candle Information

In order to tell you about soy candles, I first have to tell you our story.

We did our first craft fair in Ocean Grove, NJ.  We had two tables filled with candles.  It was pretty pitiful, looking back now, but we did sell out! 

People had never even heard of soy candles back then.  But, when I told them my story, told them that I had heard about soy from my oncologist, they were willing to try soy candles for the first time. 

Let me start from the beginning…I’m a breast cancer survivor.  Diagnosed in 2006, I went through chemo after my surgery.  The only thing that got me through those long nights after chemo was having my home filled with burning candles.  They were all over the place.  In my bedroom, in the living room, in the bathroom, in the computer room, even in the kitchen.  They just made me feel better – or so I thought. 

On a visit to my oncologist, he asked me how I was getting through my treatments.  My husband said he was going broke buying candles!  The doctor said “I hope they’re soy!”  Soy?  Soy?!  What are you talking about, I asked.  Soy candles, he said.  “Don’t burn those paraffin candles,” he said “Those things will kill you!”  I asked him to tell me more and he did – oh, boy, did he ever.  He explained that paraffin is made from the bottom of a barrel of crude oil – it’s made from the sludge.  He told me that the only thing they make from that barrel of crude oil after they make paraffin (for candles) is asphalt!  It turned my stomach!  I went home and threw away hundreds of dollars worth of candles – which we had purchased at a store at the mall.  Then I got on the internet and did some investigating.  I got the lowdown from the EPA’s website and realized that I had been breathing in chemicals – cancer-causing chemicals – for months – maybe years! 

I purchased my first soy candle that night.  The candle came in a pretty box – which I threw away – couldn’t use it for anything anyway – the candle was a 10 oz. candle – it smelled okay – didn’t burn very evenly – and COST $68 PLUS SHIPPING!  It definitely was not worth it!  So, my candle passion quickly went away…or so I thought.  I missed my candles!

After I got well, which I did, thank God!, I found a place in a neighboring state where I could go and take classes and learn to make my own soy candles.  I jumped (well, I really didn’t jump) at the chance.  I went away for a week, took every class they offered and learned everything there was to learn about soy.  I started making candles and gave them away as gifts – EVERYBODY got soy candles – for Christmas, for Easter, for birthdays, for anniversaries – and we had them all over our house!  I tested wicks, I started to develop my own fragrances, I was hooked! Then, when my “hobby” started to get too expensive, which it quickly did, my husband suggested selling our candles at craft fairs.  So, in May of 2007, we did our first craft fair.  We sold every candle in our booth.  I was thrilled!  My husband suggested starting our own little candle business.  I was not so thrilled…what if I failed.  What if selling out was just a fluke?  What if nobody came back for more?  But the phone started ringing…we went for it, and here we are…almost five years later. I insisted on naming the business after my husband – without whom I never could do this – (he does all the heavy lifting, afterall) and, since he collects lighthouses (but was taken when we started the business) TomsliTEhouse was born.  I love what I do, I love the person I do it with, and I’ve realized that out of lemons (my cancer) we’ve made lemonade…because if I never had cancer, this business may not have ever been born!

There is no petroleum-based paraffin in any of Tomslitehouse Soy Candles. Once you smell our clean-burning candles, we believe you won’t want to trade them for anything else!

Soy candles are clean burning, to be sure, but the next greatest benefit to our soy candles is they last at least twice as long as traditional candles. So, even though they cost a little more than paraffin candles, they still save you money!

At Tomslitehouse Soy Candles, our motto is “Go Green – Try Soy!” We believe that the preservation of the earth and the well being of its inhabitants are paramount. That’s why our high-quality soy wax candles are environmentally friendly and free of potentially harmful chemicals.

What’s more, we invest in renewable materials. We use recyclable or reusable packaging to ship our products and we offer several types of refillable candle jars. When you purchase our “apothecary” or “status” jar candles, WE WILL REFILL YOUR CANDLE JARS when your candle jar is empty….and we’ll do it for $3.00 off the original price you paid! We include a “refill” form with every refillable candle purchase.

It may seem that soy candles are more expensive than paraffin candles, and that’s true. Soy wax is not cheap – but, in the long run, because they burn a minimum of 50% longer than paraffin, they last so much longer and you won’t have to purchase candles as often – so, they’re really a better bargain! Besides the cost factor, they’re so much healthier for you and the environment we all share.

If you follow these simple instructions, your candles will burn cleanly and completely every time!

Safety & Longevity

• Failure to follow warning label instructions could result in fire or injury.

• Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep lit candles out of the reach of children and pets.

• Never burn your candle on or near anything flammable, or for more than 3-4 hours at a time.

• When you first light your candle, allow the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the container. This is called a melt pool. Allowing a full melt pool guarantees an even burn (no tunneling) and maximum fragrance throw.

• Always burn candles on a stable, protected, heat-resistant surface or place on a heatproof plate.

• The container will be hot when candle is lit.

• Do not burn in a draft. A draft may provide more oxygen to a flame which may cause a hotter, uneven burn.